Mum's & Bub's Yoga

All mothers are welcome to join this class to relax, strengthen and gain flexibility.  Come and join our community to meet other mothers and support each other on this beautiful journey we call motherhood.

Mum's & Bubs Yoga Classes

Mums and Bubs yoga is a beautiful way to relax, stretch, strengthen and connect with other like-minded Mothers. Finding space for yourself can be hard once your bundle of joy arrives but here at Verity Yoga we like to welcome all mothers to come and relax with your little ones. Yoga comes with loads of benefits for you and bub, from helping to balance your emotional state and hormones to strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and stretching tired, sore muscles and this is exactly what we focus on here at Verity Yoga.

All pre school aged children are welcome from 0 to 5 years old.

This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Before attending a mums and bubs yoga class please ensure you have been cleared by your Doctor, Obstetrician or Midwife before commencing post-natal exercising. Your good health is most important to us.

Mum's & Bub's Yoga classes Springfield

Where we hold Mum's & Bub's Yoga

This class is held in a new Community Center in the Providence Estate in South Ripley. The room is air conditioned and semi-private with curtains. Classes are kept small to ensure a more personalised feel with plenty of room for your little ones to move around. A play area with toys and toy mat is setup at the back of the room also. Please feel free to bring along your child’s favourite toy and a small snack.

Group classes coming soon.

Private class available on request.

Upcoming Classes for Mum's & Bub's Yoga

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Benefits of Mum's & Bub's Yoga

Yoga comes with so many benefits throughout any stage in your life. After child birth yoga can help to regain strength, improve flexibility and ease sore muscles. Yoga can even help to balance hormones and emotions during this special yet challenging time in life. 

More Information

Common questions about Mum’s & Bub’s Yoga. 

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Can Dad’s attend?

Yes definitely! Dads are welcome to attend. Please keep in mind this class is designed for mothers after birth to regain strength and ease sore muscles. However Dad’s are welcome to come along and will still enjoy the benefits of stretching and strengthening including the relaxing atmosphere. If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact us.

Are babies included in the yoga class?

Yes and no. The class is designed to be practised without bubs in arms however many mothers will pick up their babies/ toddlers and continue the class. Either is fine. Young babies will often lay on a blanket at the top of Mums mat to play or sleep. Others will sleep in the pram. Toddlers and older children are welcome to move around the room and play with the toys supplied.

Are private Mum’s & Bub’s Yoga sessions available?

Private sessions are available on request and can be specialised to the individual. 

Can I Breastfeed/ Bottle feed my baby in class?

Yes most definitely. You can stop to attend to or feed your baby at any time you need to throughout the class.


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